Business of Medicine

Practice Promotion 101

It’s a given that physicians enter their chosen careers to pursue the practice of medicine. However, in the current landscape of healthcare, clinicians — especially those...

Examining Sex Difference for Neurological Health Conditions

Although many neurological health conditions are common to both women and men, symptoms can manifest in distinct ways for women. These considerations may impact the diagnosis and treatment of seemingly non-sex-specific medical conditions in women.

The Use of Medical Credit Cards

Practices may benefit from accepting medical credit cards, but patients who use them can experience drawbacks.

Digital Communications Quagmire

Digital communications platforms allow for more patient engagement — when patients are able and willing to use them.

A New Treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Could Be Hiding In Plain Sight

By scrutinizing breast cancer cell lines, tissue grafts and samples, as well as data from The Cancer Genome Atlas, researchers at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York (...